ADVANTAGES of Working with Southern Credit Adjusters

Some businesses feel they can do their own collections. However, there are many factors to consider when thinking of keeping collections in-house.

  • Is this the best of use of your time and your employee’s time? Our agents are professional debt collectors, trained in the most effective methods of persuasion and negotiation.
  • Running in-house collections can prove expensive - salaries, office space, telephone and utilities, postage, computers and software – whether collection efforts are successful or not.
  • Your employees must be trained in collection techniques and adhere to the guidelines of all state and federal collection laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, in order to avoid legal complications.
  • Collections is not an easy job and requires highly motivated people with confidence and steady temperament. It takes a special personality to succeed in debt collection.

By placing the responsibility of collecting on your delinquent accounts with Southern Credit Adjusters, you’re able to fully utilize your staff and resources. Your employees can do the jobs they were hired to do and you’re able to operate your business more efficiently. This also lowers overhead and assures a more predictable cash flow that is not hampered by delayed payments.

Southern Credit Adjusters, backed with thirty years of successful collections experience, combines technology, skilled agents, and an attitude of “methodical persistence” to collect the debt you are owed. When you turn your delinquent accounts over to us, you can rest assured they are being aggressively worked.